Frequently Asked Questions


Where are your incall locations?

The incalls vary from day to day. We almost always have an incall in the Wester suburbs of Chicago but we also offer incalls in the NW suburbs and Ohare area and sometimes (rarely) downtown.


How much notice do you need to accomadate an appointment?

Typically an hour to an hour and a half notice is the minimum. However, the more time you allow, the more options you are likely to have. When you call with short notice, you are limited as to what is available immediately regarding incalls and ladies.


What are your screening requirements?

First time customers must have either a reference from two "legitimate" providers/agencies or be a rs2k verified or both.


Are the pictures on your site accurate?

Absolutely! The only adjustments we make to any photos are minor things like cropping, face blurring, removal of identifying tattoos etc.... The pictures themselves are of the lady in identified. If not, your session is free! How's that?


What kind of questions regarding services offered can I ask before I see a lady?

All the ladies have a link on their page to their reviews and a profile written by a customer who has seen her. Use that as a guideline if you want. However, remember that you are contracting the lady for her time as stated in the first page that you agreed to before entering the site.

How do I get started?

Either call us at 847-445-0788 (preferred) or

Email at